Manny pagan -
Drums & background vocals

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Born Manuel Antonio Pagan, in San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 17, 1973. His father was a prominent record producer and artist manager, his mother, a professional dancer, music is in his genes. Got a hand-me-down drum kit from his uncle when he was nine years old, and he was hooked! Paid his way through college playing with multiple bands, including a five-year stint with Los Pies Negros, an internationally recognized Ska band.  In the late nineties he moved to Texas and fell madly in love with the sounds of classic country music.  One night, while barhopping in Austin, TX., he came across Dale Watson and His Lone Stars at the Continental Club.  Right then and there he knew, that was the band he wanted to be in.  It took a while, but in the Summer of 2020, that dream became a reality!

“I get to play the music I love and travel the    world with my friends, I’m living the dream”.

      -Manny Pagan