Chris    Crepps

Christopher Crepps was born on May 28th 1965. He grew up surfing along the sandy shores of San Diego, California and has since relocated to Austin in 2005. Been playing upright bass since 1985 and his main bass influences are Paul McCartney and every bass player that has shared the studio with Thelonious Monk. (Oscar Pettiford, Wilbur Ware, John Orr, Ahmed Abdul-Malik.) None of which have anything to do with what he's playing currently, but being a Gemini, he's able to draw from his library of notes and like a chameleon, is able to slip those influences sneakily into each song that he performs. Nearly deaf in the left ear, perfect pitch in the right, somehow it works. Never checks his watch on stage. Plays overtime. Appreciates all. Next.

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